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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Headshots | Margaret Odette

Margaret and I have worked together before, as she is the muse featured on my Faces of Harlem Book. She came to me (when it was still warm!) in search of some new head shots and I'm no pro retoucher, but I have to say, these aren't too shabby. Helps that Margaret is a stunner!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Santa Monica Family Portraits

There's nothing like being asked to document your friends' lives. When Diana and Drey approached me about shooting their growing brood in Santa Monica this past holiday, I jumped at the chance. 

It's hard for me to believe that it's been nearly a year since Pablo joined Mom and Dad, seeing how Diana hardly looks like she just had a baby. Pablo looks just like Dad, with smile really can make your heart melt. Jovial and easy, we had a great time shooting on the beach, in December, of all months!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Since returning from my annual holiday trip to California a few weeks ago, I've had a tricky time adjusting back into the swing of things (ahem, the hustle & bustle of living in NYC). This will shamefully be one of my first posts of the New Year. 

Before the holiday I had been working back-to-back weekends for a few months and not having much fun or being super creative with my craft. Lacking inspiration was an understatement, so I decided to break out my first film camera and go for a walk while I was away. And walk I did. 

Though my heart yearns to be near my family (my lemon), I know the time will come when we (finally) make the trip cross country and unpack the bags I've been toting around for nearly a decade in NYC (making the lemonade)

Film aficionados, enjoy the journey!
My Mother spent 20 years cultivating a lemon tree in her backyard and every year, she has a full harvest of lemons!
Santa Monica is a special place for me, as it was a very popular weekend destination as a child and now, a place where my clients love to shoot. 

There's nothing like going to the beach during winter (!) in California!
This is Jorge, my hubby who "loves" to rep west coast sports teams and univeristies when in Cali. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! (People also say I never shoot him enough, so this one's for you!)

This is one of my favorite images from my rolls of film. It just captured the essence of the day and unseasonably colder weather California was having. 

I never appreciated this view growing up but after having living on the East Coast for nearly 10 years, I try hard to hike my little heart out when I visit. This trail is literally in my parent's backyard! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top Five Wedding Pick 2012 | A Paper Proposal

In 2012 I shot 6 weddings and at the end of the year, wedding business had slowed with only one booked wedding for 2013. Naturally I was nervous but I accepted this as the next step in procuring funding for Faces of Harlem and working on my thriving, bi- coastal Lifestyle clients. Afterall, if you've seen my children's portraiture, you'd understand why!

Then the New Year came. 

Since January 1, I have booked 3 more weddings and have received at least 10 wedding inquiries from random sources. This excludes all of my pre-existing Lifestyle clients and those to come! Finally my business is at a place where my clients and me fit like hand - in - glove. We have similar aesthetics and shared love for all things timeless, bold and natural. 

I'm thrilled to be received with such a warm welcome from brides around the country and am looking very forward to my long awaited re-brand in just a few weeks! For now, big thanks to a superb referral network over at A Paper Proposal, for featuring me as one of their "Top Five Weddings of 2012."

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Features, features and more features!

With the holiday rush it was nearly impossible to keep up with blogging, editing and emailing while traveling {eating, shopping, eating... you get the picture!}. I feel like a very lucky girl to have had my work featured in some widely read and respected print and online publications at the end of 2012. 
Lauren & Gideon's Wedding in Edible Cape Cod

Erika & Donald's Memphis Vintage Glam Wedding in The Knot
Dayna & Ryan's Harlem Engagement on Brooklyn Bride
Personal Feature on Enhance Your Style, after being styled for my rebrand video shoot by friend and owner, Leslie Morales. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The 12 Best Photos of 2012

2012 has been a year of great fortune not just for my business but also for me as a photographer. Having procured clients who are generous in spirit, I successfully booked and shot 125 projects! Yes, I've done the math and that equates to a very limited personal life, but having an interchangeable career and personal life make that distinction arbitrary. I love what I do and find myself documenting all the time, revealing stories anxious to be told. 

When I started my business 3 years ago, I dreamed of a long, successful career as a wedding photographer. Life is funny sometimes and I now receive 75% of my business from lifestyle and portraiture, my true photographic niche. Sometimes life chooses you instead of the other way around, so, if I have learned anything about entrepreneurship, it is that sometimes one must just buckle their seat belt and hold on for the ride. And oh, what a ride it's been!

Please help me celebrate the arrival of 2013 with the 12 Best Photos of 2012.

The first shoot of the year came out with a bang and I was commissioned to shoot the Dennes Family on NYC's first snowy day of 2012 in Central Park. 
In February I shot Al & Kate's Engagement photos in Chelsea and they were later featured in the New York Times Style Section!
Diana & Drey are not just clients, but also very good friends and I was flattered to be asked to shoot their maternity portraits in March. 
Shooting a destination wedding is every photographer's dream and I loved shooting this  Curacao wedding!
As the weather in New York began to break and spring rolled in with the afternoon breeze, my dear friends the Cimmiyotti's, commemorated nearly a decade in NYC and their move to California with a family shoot. This picture of Pablo is a favorite! 
By the time June rolled around I had grown accustomed to a seven day work week. Just when I thought I might lose my mind, I learned my Faces of Harlem Project (!) would be featured in the inaugural Harlem Arts Festival. Here was my promo piece created by the amazing, Yeri Yun Designs
My very best friend from childhood was expecting her second addition and we opted for a beautiful, timeless shoot on the exclusive Pt. Mugu Beach in July. What a busy month but this was my favorite shoot by far!
I spent most of August on a month long journey to Indonesia and Vietnam. Unfortunately (tsk, tsk!) I have not published any of my DSLR photos due to my workload upon return stateside. Here is my favorite Instagram photo from Bali.
Scott and Fio have shot with me twice now, both times to celebrate their anniversary. Their 2nd Anniversary West Village Shoot was as classic as it was romantic. 
The fall months were very, very busy with lots of weddings. First was Robbie & Katie's wedding at Mt. Gulian in Beacon, NY. 
Another favorite fall shoot was Dayna & Ryan's engagement in Harlem. SWOON! Timely as the iconic Lenox Lounge shuts its doors after five long decades. 
2012 ended with a bang and I couldn't feel more blessed to have a thriving, bi-coastal business. With a re branded website on the way (2/1/13, stay tuned!), sold out minisessions in NYC and another show at The Shrine, I'd like to close this post by sharing an image that exudes love and another favorite theme, urban renewal.  

The most refined works I've churned out are usually shot in my favorite neighborhoods and LouAnn & Roland's Fort Greene shoot is no exception. 
May this be a year of great prosperity to all my clients, fans, family and friends! Happy New Year!