Ilene Squires Photography

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Central Park Family Portraits | The Corderos

I've had the great honor of shooting the Corderos for a little over a year now. For all my clients looking to document their growing families, considering a "first year" package is the way to go. These moments go especially fast, even more so when you are on your first child. After celebrating many milestones together, TJ, Kristina and Elise have become good friends, especially since finding fellow Filipinos in NYC is like finding a needle in a haystack! When Elise was just 3 months old we did a shoot at their residence and later, opted for an outdoor shoot in the Spring at Brooklyn Bridge Park when Elise about 8 months

As the Corderos prepare for a move cross country to their native California, they wanted one last set of images to document their long stay here in New York City. Tears, tears, tears! After pouring over their images, I couldn't help but revel in how delicious Elise is and how thankful I am for clients who trust me to document these precious moments. Clients who have stood by as the business grows have a special place in my heart. 

Farewell to the Corderos, and hopefully we will reunite again on the West Side! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hoboken Engagement Photos | Claire, Carl & Xander

Claire and I went to high school together in California and through Facebook, learned we were both living here in the tri - state area. On her way to the altar in May, she wanted some photos that captured her east coast life to share with friends and family back home. After nearly a decade on the east coast, Claire now calls Hoboken her "other" home. Now  this is a term I so closely relate to as we giggled the afternoon away over having found love on this side of the country, and for that being the reason we are now both bi-coastal.

Carl and Claire have a unique story. They met through Carl's sister who was a classmate of Claire's during optometry school. That was years ago and I suppose the rest is history as they prepare for their California nuptials, in our hometown, this spring. Claire and Carl will have the cutest little ring bearer too, when Xander suits up and leads them down the aisle! 

Congrats Carl, Claire and Xander! Love and hugs to you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Central Park Children's Portraits | Sergio and Victoria

As summer came to a close, I celebrated a year with Groupon clients in true hustler fashion. On one of the hottest, most humid days of the summer, I had back to back, albeit fun, Central Park children's shoots. 

Sergio and Victoria's shoot may be one of the most memorable of all the Groupons, as we (me, Mom and Dad) worked overtime for a smile from Sergio, underscored by Victoria's funny little sayings. When we put her in the swing she said "Get me out of here! I feel like a stuffed little piggy!," and the buck didn't stop there. Oh, no! As we wrapped the shoot, Victoria was sure to redeem Mom and Dad's promise for an ice cream and when she proceeded to eat it, she looked and me and my camera and asked "Are we done yet? I need a little privacy!"

It is for small anecdotes like this, that shooting children is my absolute passion! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Married! | Neene & Rashad

Neene & Rashad were married last month at Woodbury Country Club in Long Island. A wedding filled with emotion from start to finish, Rashad's Granny made a special appearance and Neene's Mother cut a rug, like no other mother - of - the - bride I've ever seen! Though one would think the Nigerian tradition of throwing money on/ near/ at the bride was the highlight of the day, the story of how Neene and Rashad came to to be topped that.  Neene & Rashad's matron of honor and best man, who are also married, are the bride and groom's respective best friends from high school. If it wasn't for Maggie and her plus one's house party years ago, Neene and Rashad would have never met and began this journey together. Now how many brides can say that!? This is the stuff little girls plan in childhood where best friends, marry best friends. 

Neene & Rashad, your love is quite infectious and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as you danced the afternoon away together. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer as I look forward to documenting your brood as it grows!