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Sunday, November 28, 2010

D'wayne & Jewelle's Engagement Party at Don Coqui - Westchester and New York City Lifestyle Photographer

D'wayne and my husband Jorge, are best buds from their college days at Vanderbilt. Though we always thought of D'wayne as the eternal bachelor, a couple of years ago he finally met his match with his lovely bride to be, Jewelle. As you can see, they are quite a handsome couple and recently celebrated their engagement at Don Coqui, where Jewelle is in her family's restaurant business. Her father is the Jimmy as in Jimmy's Bronx Cafe, Jimmy. Nonetheless, POSH, couldn't better describe their special evening. Jewelle and D'wayne haven't set a date yet but their wedding will be nothing short of spectacular from start to finish. They know we would expect nothing less from such refined people. BTW - isn't Jewelle's dress DIVINE?! !Felicidades on your engagement!

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  1. Wow, D'wayne & Jewelle's Engagement Party was stunning. Loved her dress a lot. My own sister got engage in last month and they threw a gorgeous peacock themed bash at some garden party NYC venues. We totally enjoyed this bash.