Ilene Squires Photography

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Expecting! | Diana & Drey

Diana and I go way back to the early New York days. At the time, we were young grad students, from California and blessed with a wide variety of dancing shoes, more time than you can dream of and a whole lot of energy. Oh, the good ‘ole days!
Like many of our other sisters who have moved away, ventured into married life and entered parenthood {not in that particular order}, Diana and Drey are now expecting a little bundle of joy later this spring. Aren’t the lovebirds glowing in anticipation?! 
Congrats Diana & Drey on the arrival of little boy Campos! We can’t wait to meet him and begin his photographic odyssey. 


  1. Thank you AMIGA for capturing such a special moment in our lives so beautifully.We look forward to the next session as a family! XOXOX Diana and Andrey

  2. Beautiful couple and magnificent work!!!