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Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Since returning from my annual holiday trip to California a few weeks ago, I've had a tricky time adjusting back into the swing of things (ahem, the hustle & bustle of living in NYC). This will shamefully be one of my first posts of the New Year. 

Before the holiday I had been working back-to-back weekends for a few months and not having much fun or being super creative with my craft. Lacking inspiration was an understatement, so I decided to break out my first film camera and go for a walk while I was away. And walk I did. 

Though my heart yearns to be near my family (my lemon), I know the time will come when we (finally) make the trip cross country and unpack the bags I've been toting around for nearly a decade in NYC (making the lemonade)

Film aficionados, enjoy the journey!
My Mother spent 20 years cultivating a lemon tree in her backyard and every year, she has a full harvest of lemons!
Santa Monica is a special place for me, as it was a very popular weekend destination as a child and now, a place where my clients love to shoot. 

There's nothing like going to the beach during winter (!) in California!
This is Jorge, my hubby who "loves" to rep west coast sports teams and univeristies when in Cali. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! (People also say I never shoot him enough, so this one's for you!)

This is one of my favorite images from my rolls of film. It just captured the essence of the day and unseasonably colder weather California was having. 

I never appreciated this view growing up but after having living on the East Coast for nearly 10 years, I try hard to hike my little heart out when I visit. This trail is literally in my parent's backyard! 

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