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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pasadena Wedding Photographer | Yaro & Karla's Cal Tech Boda

The most cherished friends in life are those that we have history with. New York has been the longest, most consistent chapter in my adult life and I feel very lucky that my dear friend Karla, has very much been a part of this story. 
Karla and I moved to the City in the same year from our beloved hometown of Los Angeles and instantly took the NYC streets by storm; from happy hours to brunches, to the ups of downs of our 20’s, we have been very lucky to share these adventures together, among the great company of our extended California posse. Sadly, Karla and Yaro relocated back to the Westside 3 years ago. So it goes without saying that I felt so very flattered with the invitation to shoot their California wedding. After all, I was there when they met at a Manhattan nightclub years ago. 
Yaro and Karla, better known as YaKa, were married at Cal Tech’s Dabney Gardens in the company of their many friends and family who had traveled near and far. With Karla’s Mexican heritage and Yaro’s Colombian roots, they integrated the many details that had become part of their union. The venue was adorned with bold pink, orange and yellow hues and felt like a romantic hacienda dinner party under the stars. The papel picado Yaro's mother brought from Mexico, along with paper sunbursts and flowers created a very unique, latin flavor. The photo booth Karla's tio made was a total hit and SO cute! 

Guests feasted on fruta picada, arroz de coco (not as good as Yaro's homemade version!), and cochinita pibil. The dessert bar, completely designed and de casera (homemade) boasted jarras de tamarindo, cajeta spoons, and hundreds of other exquisiteces. The tequila toast, in lieu of champagne, was beautifully thought out and guests danced well into the night with a little help from a live jazz band and DJ. 

Music was at the forefront of the couple's agenda and since Karla's a natural performer and Yaro is a musical genius, they combined their efforts and choreographed a short ensemble of salsa, bachata and even a little hip hop. Karla and Yaro are so in love, it was hard to look at them and not smile (or cry!).The YaKa union was simply divine from start to finish. Felicidades to the happy couple as you write the next chapter of your life together. 

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  1. We love you Ilene! Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures, you're wonderful and so talented. We appreciate all of your hard work and the time it took for you to put this together. You're awesome. I Miss you! Come back to So Cal!