Ilene Squires Photography

Friday, September 21, 2012

2nd Anniversary Shoot | Scott & Fio in the West Village

On the eve here of my 100th booked shoot and it's no wonder these last few weeks have been a time of deep reflection. This "career" is something I always dreamed of and am finally realizing. Most important though, is that It's a true labor of love, especially when my clients become friends and we work together time and again. After all, clients are inviting us photogs to document the most intimate relationships in their lives! Scott and Fiorella are really no exception here. They came to me about a year ago through Groupon for their One Year Anniversary Shoot in Central Park. Those images were stunners, but wait until you see their newest photos! 

When clients trust me as the expert, it is a win - win situation. I suggested an evening shoot and we got to the West Village just in time for the Golden Hour, my absolute favorite time of day to shoot. Scott and Fiorella are beautiful people on the inside out and genuinely, some of my favorite clients. Their images are flawless, perfect, personal and I can't take all the credit. Happy Friday readers. ENJOY!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sneak Peak | Robbie & Katie Married!

This weekend I had the great pleasure of photographing Robbie & Katie's Mt.Gulian nuptials in the beautiful Hudson Valley town of Beacon. This is my second time at Mt. Gulian, and I am smitten with this charming little region, as is the couple who used to live there and commute to the City. Katie & Robbie had a very lively reception and the best weather a bride and groom could hope for. More to come but for the moment, Mazel Tov to one of my all time favorite couples! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twins! | Ian & Aidan at West Harlem Pier Park

This is only the second time I have shot twins and there aren't enough props for parents of multiples! I could hardly keep up with Ian and Aidan in just the single hour we spent together at the West Harlem Pier Park. Needless to say, it is hard to imagine caring for two small children, under the age of two, simultaneously! When we finally got Ian ready for the camera, Aidan would run away {and vice versa} and it was this cycle of cat and mouse most the afternoon. Not to mention, we shot on the hottest day of the summer when the scales tipped 100'! 

Looking over the images, it was hard to decide which ones made the cut. They were all so special and the boys were pros in front of the camera. Thank goodness for the few images we managed to capture of the boys together! By far, this was one of my favorite shoots ever.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jake, Lyla and Amanda at the High Line

I've shot many times at The High Line, but this shoot with little Jake & Lyla was some what magical. I was able to catch many of those little moments that I usually have to work very hard to stage with most kids. Jake & Lyla were completely darling and I can not wait to work with them, and Mom!, again. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prospect Park Family Portraits | The Lazarus Family

Jojo looks like he's a model for Crewcuts, no? We had a great time romping through Prospect Park earlier this summer for the Lazarus' first stab at some candid family portraits. Nothing is more powerful than connecting with your subject, especially when the star is a 3 year old. This is one family I can't wait to work with again!