Ilene Squires Photography

Friday, September 21, 2012

2nd Anniversary Shoot | Scott & Fio in the West Village

On the eve here of my 100th booked shoot and it's no wonder these last few weeks have been a time of deep reflection. This "career" is something I always dreamed of and am finally realizing. Most important though, is that It's a true labor of love, especially when my clients become friends and we work together time and again. After all, clients are inviting us photogs to document the most intimate relationships in their lives! Scott and Fiorella are really no exception here. They came to me about a year ago through Groupon for their One Year Anniversary Shoot in Central Park. Those images were stunners, but wait until you see their newest photos! 

When clients trust me as the expert, it is a win - win situation. I suggested an evening shoot and we got to the West Village just in time for the Golden Hour, my absolute favorite time of day to shoot. Scott and Fiorella are beautiful people on the inside out and genuinely, some of my favorite clients. Their images are flawless, perfect, personal and I can't take all the credit. Happy Friday readers. ENJOY!



  1. Love these! Especially the one from the viewing platform of the High Line and the one where she's hugging him and her hair is flying.

  2. Nice photos and great photography of very real moments.....All Photos are in sweetmoment.......Thanks