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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Central Park Family Portraits | The Cimmiyottis

When I moved here nearly a decade ago, Alex was one of my only college friends living in the City, with a year under her belt. The world was ours and I'm certain neither of us imagined being where we are today --- all grown up, adults, if you will. Back then, we were just two California girls living it up in the Big Apple. 

Alex and Jason have been supporters of my business since the very beginning when I took the leap three years ago. It goes without saying, they are close friends who will be truly missed with their upcoming move to the Bay Area. 

The proud parents wanted a shoot to commemorate their years spent on the Upper Westside and of course, when the tide changed for good and Pablito entered their lives. Pablo is simply perfect! Congratulations to Alex, Jason and Pablo on their move "home."

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