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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Married! | Neene & Rashad

Neene & Rashad were married last month at Woodbury Country Club in Long Island. A wedding filled with emotion from start to finish, Rashad's Granny made a special appearance and Neene's Mother cut a rug, like no other mother - of - the - bride I've ever seen! Though one would think the Nigerian tradition of throwing money on/ near/ at the bride was the highlight of the day, the story of how Neene and Rashad came to to be topped that.  Neene & Rashad's matron of honor and best man, who are also married, are the bride and groom's respective best friends from high school. If it wasn't for Maggie and her plus one's house party years ago, Neene and Rashad would have never met and began this journey together. Now how many brides can say that!? This is the stuff little girls plan in childhood where best friends, marry best friends. 

Neene & Rashad, your love is quite infectious and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as you danced the afternoon away together. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer as I look forward to documenting your brood as it grows! 




  1. Such a beautiful country club and beautiful happy people, we enjoyed the wedding very much. Glad to be apart of it.

  2. Are there any table shots of out of town guests and friends?

  3. Hi Lotus Flower. You will need to contact the couple to view their webshow. There are plenty of table shots there that may meet your search! Thank you!