Ilene Squires Photography

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hoboken Engagement Photos | Claire, Carl & Xander

Claire and I went to high school together in California and through Facebook, learned we were both living here in the tri - state area. On her way to the altar in May, she wanted some photos that captured her east coast life to share with friends and family back home. After nearly a decade on the east coast, Claire now calls Hoboken her "other" home. Now  this is a term I so closely relate to as we giggled the afternoon away over having found love on this side of the country, and for that being the reason we are now both bi-coastal.

Carl and Claire have a unique story. They met through Carl's sister who was a classmate of Claire's during optometry school. That was years ago and I suppose the rest is history as they prepare for their California nuptials, in our hometown, this spring. Claire and Carl will have the cutest little ring bearer too, when Xander suits up and leads them down the aisle! 

Congrats Carl, Claire and Xander! Love and hugs to you!


  1. Beautiful pics Ilene, I love your work! And Claire, what an adorable family!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! They were a ton of fun! You're next! XOXO