Ilene Squires Photography

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Week in Buenos Aires: Tango

The Argentine Tango is the most sensual demonstration of male - female chemistry. Fortunately, there are many BA street performers to quench your tourist thirst so we weren't compelled to attend a more formal Tango show. Even in these small snippets, it was obvious who had skills and who didn't! Enjoy...

 While eating lunch at an outdoor cafe in Caminito.
 In the San Telmo Sunday market.
 She was old enough to be by Grandma but could really cut a rug! 


  1. Tango music comes from a mixture of cultural influences including Africa, India, France, Spain, and Latin America. Modern Tango music comes in two distinct flavors: The melodic Argentinian style, and the rhythmical European style. At the heart of the Argentinian style is the bandoneon, which is often accompanied by a small band, including a piano, guitar, one or two violins, and sometimes a singer. True Argentine Tango music never has a heavy drum beat, if drums are used at all. The European style, in contrast, is a strong march with a steady, consistent downbeat played by a snare drum. The music is often played by a large orchestra with or without the bandoneon. i´m currently staying in one of those apartments in Buenos Aires and I´m trying to learn it, but I think it will take me some time!

  2. Thanks for reading, Lindsay! Tango is amazing, you're right. I hope you enjoy your stay and finally learn to Tango with the best of them!