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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day trip to Colonia del Sacramento

After a week of lounging around town and eating to our heart's content, we decided to venture off Argentine territory for a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento across the pond in Uruguay. It's always nice to add another stamp to your passport!

Colonia was just a 45 minute jaunt from the El Puerto Madero. When we arrived around 9:00am it was slow and we took a stroll around town (all of the size of a football field) and then hopped into our rented golf cart for a ride up the coast. With it's cobblestone streets, Colonia was charming up until the next ferry of tourists arrived mid - afternoon and we could hardly manage our little golf cart around the families sauntering aimlessly through the streets with their gelato! So we did what any smart girls would do and decided to get "lost" which was when we were chased by a stray dog who barked incessantly at the vehicle until we turned the cart off. That my friends, above anything else, was the highlight of the trip. The pictures tell it all.. 

 The autumn textures took me by storm --- they were simply bold and beautiful!

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  1. Love these! And I was so happy to see some with you in them!