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Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Week in Buenos Aires: Las Madres de La Plaza

The major highlight of this trip was Plaza de MayoLas Madres de la Plaza is an organization that was founded about 30 years ago when distraught Mothers were trying to find their "disappeared" children during the Dirty War. It was moving to witness a sliver of history; these Mothers have organized civil protests every Thursday at 3:30pm in the plaza adjacent to the Casa Rosada, or the equivalent to our White House. We were so moved by this, not only because of it's historical significance but also because of our age. The Mothers and Grandmothers pictured below could very well have been ours; and with that, I hope the story I tell captures the essence of the afternoon and the injustice these Argentines have faced for more than three decades. 

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