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Friday, May 20, 2011

One Week in Buenos Aires: San Telmo

This is my last BA post (insert sad face here) and I write that in the most unapologetic way! It's common knowledge that I am my "best self" when I am at a flea market. A red wave comes over me, and I morph into a crazy, bartering old lady. What can I say?! It's in my blood! I spent countless weekends of my childhood with a $5 bill in the swap meet with my family. Figuring out how to stretch that money is a goal I still strive towards today.

We spent our very last BA afternoon at La Feria de San Telmo, BAs largest and world renown flea market. Since there are no real second hand stores in BA, San Telmo is where vendors from all over the continent come to display their collections of vintage treasures. Enter harps and angels here! I came away with leather goods, one of a kind jewels and an antique Russian camera from the turn of a century... WINNING! The perfect exclamation point to a wonderful trip.

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