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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alexandria & Cairo | Egypt

A few street scene snaps from Alexandria & Cairo. Since Jorge and I had already been to Egypt in 2007, we opted for a spontaneous adventure instead of another visit to the pyramids. 

We found Ahmed on a walk and he offered to show us around for $5 on his horse and carriage. Of course that resulted in the expected inflation at the end of the tour. 
Ahmed wasn't playing either - he took the entire carriage onto a ferry across the Suez Canal! C'mon, this was once in a lifetime!
Then in his attempt at a last minute hustle he grabbed us a Pepsi and took us to the beach. I only have pictures of the shells because the beach goers were looking at me sideways! Apparently I forgot my black caftan and was looking like a fool in my linen and heels!
On to Alexandria! This is Tito. Co- Owner of Tito & Tito Taxi Co. 
As my Aunt shouts "This is worst than the Philippines!," I continue on in my proudest shutterbug moment during a pit stop in Alexandria. Yup! They slaughtered the chicken, on the street about 30 seconds after I captured this. 
As we proceeded on to the next stop, I couldn't help but stop for this. I mean, really, adjacent to a World Heritage site, clotheslines and dish TV? Whoa!
Pompey's Pillar.  Those little specs are people. It's rumored that the Romans once had a picnic of 12 atop the pillar. 

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