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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

South Africa World Cup 2010: People

So here we are, my last South African post on my favorite subject: people! If you know me, or if I've shot you, you know that I really love connecting with my subjects, specifically children. They have a certain energy that doesn't require a ton of direction on my end and they wear their feelings on their sleeves. I was smitten by not only the children in both Cape Town and Joburg but also by the adults. Though they were subjected to the residuals of the apartheid, they were still vibrant and happy people celebrating each new day as an opportunity to grow. I'd love to return someday to both the black and colored townships of the Cape and Joburg to publish a book on the people living there. They inspired me to continue celebrating everything I do have and not to criticize all that I don't. To see more images from South Africa click here.

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