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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chelsea Family Portraits | The Kimmels

The holiday season was very good to me and as the year draws to a close, I am reflecting on how much my business has grown. My clients have been not just loyal but generous in referring me to their networks. So, thank you to all the clients, readers and fans out there! 

In my last post, I mentioned how difficult lighting indoor shoots has been. This is mostly because I had coined myself a "natural light photographer," but the reality is shooting in mixed light situations really tests a photographer's technical skills. This year {and NYC weather!} have really forced me to hone in my skills using a variety of lighting options. 

The Kimmels came to me looking for more traditional holiday portraits and were anxious to finally have "good" ones, as Sarah described. With a more photojournalistic style, I decided to meet them halfway but I knew my on camera Canon 580 flash would just not cut it. The Kimmel's Chelsea abode had just one window and 12 ft ceilings, making it a large space to light! With a little help from my friends at Adorama, I rented a Chimer Super Plus Pro White Softbox with a Dynalite 1000. Definitely not as strong as the strobes I used here, but perfect for lighting a family of five in a private residence. 

Without further adieu, the Kimmel's Holiday Portraits...


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  2. Awww... That's a beautiful family. I love your work and how you share your experience (challenges) with us. You are an amazing photographer!

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