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Friday, November 2, 2012

iPhone Series | Yogyakarta {Yogya}

This summer (eons ago!) I took a {bucket list} trip to Southeast Asia. Upon my return,I was slammed with job after job. Of course, not something to complain about but this left little time to blog about the AH - MAZING trip I took. To top, my travels abroad made it impossible to blog away from home with limited contact with technology (again, a true blessing in disguise). 

So here I am, two and a half months later getting started on my Asian adventure. I am going to start these post with a series of iPhone photos. These images are just teasers, preludes to my "real" {DSLR} photos, where I will tell the full story on each destination. Enjoy the samplers to come! 

After 36 hours of travel from NYC > Hong Kong > Jakarta > Yogyakarta, we had arrived! Oh, and by "we," I mean me and my travel companion, Jaxira. We traveled together for 2 long weeks through Indonesia, which was my first stop on a month long trip abroad. Pictured below is Borobudur Temple, with Mt. Merapi in the distance. 
Yours truly after a 3 am sunrise hike to a viewpoint of Borobudur. 
Our accomodations were lovely, oasis like (more to come, of course!) at D'omah Yogyakarta.

Outdoor Cafe
View of the local rice paddy from the cafe

Connecting domestic flight, on Garuda en route to Bali! 

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