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Friday, December 31, 2010

Griffith Park Hike With the Fam!

While there was 20" of snow last weekend in NYC, it was 60' here in Los Angeles. Eat your heart out, east coasters - It pays to be bi coastal! With the sun out we were obligated to bask under the sun at one of mt favorite Los Angeles destinations, Griffith Park. I'm an outdoorsy person but it is a farce that all Californians are. My cousin and husband were ready to kill me since we began our hike descending the mountain and completed the hike with a one mile uphill battle! I on the other hand couldn't have felt more alive under the California sun and the subsequent endorphin rush from the hike. And yes, that's the Pacific Ocean in the very last image - it had just rained and the smog levels were low so visibility was on point!

*** All images shot with a my Canon PowerShoot ***

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  1. Love these pictures!! Can't wait to be in LA next week. Good luck on the marathon, you'll do awesome!