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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dirty Thirty!

Growing up I was always a year behind my friends because my mother thought it would be a great idea if I skipped a grade. This ultimately led to being the last one to get a license, the last one to cross the border into Mexico for over 18 clubs (I went to school in San Diego!), and being the last one of my friends to drink, legally that is. Realistically, I don't think I ever minded the extra attention, except for now, as I approach the dirty thirty. There's so much hype about entering this new, mysterious decade and the ridiculous social pressures for women to do crazy things like get married and have kids. Who are we kidding?! New York is a place where women spend much of their twenties building professional clout and enjoying the fruits of their labor domestically and abroad. Especially for New Yorkers, 30 really is the new 20. We're ever more fabulous, much more confident and savvy in the workplace and on the town, and in my opinion, more refined. We no longer spend our weekends opening tabs in random lounges, waking up to strange new faces or leaving jobs prematurely. Instead we opt for classy dinners at the  top 20 restaurants in the City (because we can finally afford them!) where we linger over aged Malbecs and conversations about relationships. Well, I guess some things transcend age groups!  For the last 2 years I have been helping my girlfriends celebrate this rite of passage from their beloved twenties to their thirties, one birthday party and many cocktails at a time. One of my most fabulous New York girlfriends, Jaxira, recently celebrated her 30th birthday at Yerba Buena Perry, formerly Matador Tapas Bar, in the West Village. Isn't she beautiful and radiant? Jaxira's an example of how all women should enter the next decade of adulthood and that is how Biggie would have wanted it: with style and grace! Happy Birthday Jax, I'm right behind you! 

* All pictures taken with my Canon Powershoot. Lookin' good for a point-n-shoot!

(I had to throw the one of me on the Vespa in for good measure. Wishful thinking for the New Year).

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