Ilene Squires Photography

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wave Hill Family Portraits | The Kobrins

The Kobrins were a dynamic family with four, yes, you read that right, FOUR(!!!) girls ages 4 - 14. Dad Jeff, has definitely got his hands full with four beautiful, well - spoken girls on deck. Not to mention their Mom, Michelle, who hardly looks like she is old enough for a family of four! 

We met up last weekend at Wave Hill in the Bronx and since the Kobrins live in the neighborhood, the girls were well acquainted with the estate. Yaira, Naama, Tali and Livia are fortunate to have each other; but most importantly, they are lucky to have such adventurous parents who dare to come out on a Sunday for family portraits. 

I was really touched by their generous offer to drop me off at the train and for their repeated invitation to their bag of chips. Sharing intimate moments such as these are just a few of the reasons I love being a photographer. The Kobrins were all smiles and so was I! Enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bronx Botanical Garden Family Portraits | The Sillitoe Family

The Sillitoe Family, originally from Canada but now proud Bronx residents, were an absolute delight to work with last weekend at the Bronx Botanical Garden. I had never been and it was the perfect fall day for a shoot.  

Leighton, 3 and Riley, nearly 1, are too cute for words. Like I always say, beautiful people make this job a true delight. Happy Monday, Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Northport Harbor Engagement Photos | Angelo & Christine

They knew each other in high school when they were attending rival schools on Long Island. Then in college, some mutual friends reintroduced Angelo & Christine, and the rest my friends, is history. 

Angelo and Christine are one of those rare couples that can manage an awesome  relationship while not only working for the same company, but also attending the same MBA program. They have an electric chemistry and a mutual understanding that Christine is indeed the diva in the relationship. This is just the unspoken truth you too will concede to after viewing their images! 

Long Island carries special significance for this couple since they were both born and raised and schooled on the island. It is the place of their friendship which blossomed into a beautiful engagement. So without further adieu, Christine invited me to spectacular Northport Harbor on Long Island where their proposal took place earlier this summer. Christine & Angelo plan to marry nearby in early 2013. 

Congrtulazioni Bellos!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fort Greene Baby Portraits | Baby Elise

I love meeting other Filipinos, especially on the East Coast, because I hail from California where they come a dime a dozen. For those of you who are not Filipino, you have no idea how we network; we find each other in grocery stores, parking lots, flea markets and hospitals and yes, we do always give each other special treatment. It is for this reason that I was elated to hear from Kristina and TJ, friends of my dear friend Alex, who are both Filipino and also from California. 

Kristina & TJ are happy parents to newborn, Elise. She is scrumptious! We had a dandy time with Elise in her Fort Greene home over Labor Day weekend and like I always write, my job as photographer is a dream job. This statement is never more true than when clients turn into friends and Kristina and I are already exchanging our best Filipino recipes! 

Congrats TJ & Kristina on your newest bundle of joy and I look forward to documenting your brood as it grows.