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Friday, September 16, 2011

DUMBO Engagement Portraits | Alex & Amber

Alex and Amber are the kind of couple that make you laugh when you watch them together. They are naturally photogenic and easy with one another. In fact, I had visions of them growing old together, carrying on in the same, free - spirited fashion, during our DUMBO engagement session Labor Day weekend. They are kindred spirits and simply put, their love is that old fashion stuff of a generation past. 

Alex, a native New Yorker and Amber, a transplant from the Pacific Northwest, met while in the Peace Corps in Thailand. *Dreamy*, I know! Their love survived the trials and tribulations of expat life and they've been back stateside (Brooklyn to be exact) for about a year now. 

Congratulations, Amber & Alex on your engagement and the many beautiful stories you have yet to write. 

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