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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from the Studio!

So on the eve of this New Year, I noticed many of my contemporaries blogging about the "Best of 2011." Hands down, 2011 has been my most fruitful year as a photographer. I've traveled near and far to document life's fleeting moments and have transformed many clients to friends. I simply could not ask for more in life. So, instead of writing about the past, I've decided that my "best" is yet to come. This is something, of course, I only realize when I am sitting here under the California sun (in December) because this is the place of my birth. The City of Angels is where I always seem to come back to Earth after grinding it out in the Big Apple. So please, let's all take a minute, make a wish, and promise to bring it to life in 2012. My wish? Truly becoming bicoastal! {You'll see why... scroll down...}
***all images taken with my IPhone edited with Instagram***

Self Portrait 121911

Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, AZ

City of Angels!

Downtown LA from Echo Park 

Griffith Park  


Santa Monica Pier at sunset

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