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Friday, April 29, 2011

One Week in Buenos Aires, Day 1

Since this was an epic year for me, a couple friends of mine decided it would only be appropriate to plan a girls trip to Argentina. Why not? Five star food, beautiful weather and another chance to rendezvous with Spanish speakers? I was all in!

We found some decently priced tickets on Copa, though I would never, I repeat, NEVER, recommend that any of y'all fly with them. The service was by far the worst of any of the international flights that I've been on with the trade off being the price cut. To compensate, we found a beautiful apartment on airbnb in the stylish and highly desirable Palermo Soho neighborhood. I'm talking less than $50 USD/night!

Here are some beautiful photos of what was our 'hood for the week. Enjoy!

It was a beautiful, sunny autumn day as the foliage fell to the ground on the tree lined blocks. Isn't it just crazy that you can get in a plane on one side of the world and exit on the other? That concept still blows my mind! 
Girls trips fill me up! Aren't they just lovely? I was getting my portrait skills on with my new 50mm.
Palermo is home to some of the  most eclectic street art in the world. 
My favorite lighting is that golden hour just before the sun sets.  

In a cab just before Easter, we were stopped just a block away from the our apartment for an impromptu procession. Gotta love them South Americans and their go - where - the - wind - blows attitudes! I took this picture from the back seat of the cab. 
 Our rental home for the week was equipped with a beautiful terrace, state of the art appliances, a gym, pool and unparalleled community of transients and Argentines. 

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  1. Hey, don’t party that much that there is a lot to see and you cant miss it since is a once in a lifetime experience. You are so right about BA, it resembles Paris in a spectacular and magical kind of way. No wonder they call it "the Paris of South America" It carries this European style like any other city in Latin America. Even its citizens are mostly Italian descendants. Last year I also had a buenos aires apartment near Recoleta and I visited the cemetery. Architecture was magnificent and I had the best time.