Ilene Squires Photography

Friday, March 23, 2012

Harlem Maternity Portraits | Sylvia

Sylvia's the homie, I mean we go way back to our freshman year in college and share so many lovely life experiences. My favorite, however included sharing a bed for a summer, in a 5 floor walk - up, with no air conditioning! 

While she's on baby #3 (born just about a week ago!), I'm birthing businesses --- not quite the same but the 'labor of love' idea certainly applies. Anywho, in search of some photos to document her "last" pregnancy, we decided to try out some studio lighting in my apartment. Not too bad for my first go 'round, right? My model wasn't too shabby either! In fact, Sylvia was glowing and feeling so fly that the second half of our shoot was dedicated to her request of shooting just her '...face, no belly.' I included just a couple of those outtakes since they had us laughing for about an hour! 

Sylvia's still got it, pregnant or not!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shakespeare Garden Family Portraits

Little Zoe and her family chose Shakespeare Garden in Central Park for their shoot. It was unseasonably cold during our time together, but Zoe's  smile was enough for all of us to keep working for she was one of the few children I've shot who look directly into the camera, unprompted. Isn't Zoe just scumptious?!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fort Tyron Family Portraits | The LeRoy Family

I love Fort Tyron Park, not just because it's uptown but it is super photo friendly. WIth lovely vistas of the the Hudson and a beautiful, clean landscape, it's hard to beat. Enter Ben, Iva and little Alex who live in the area. 

Turns out Ben grew up in a neighboring town from where I grew up and made his way to New York after college in the midwest. Iva, originally from Croatia, hardly looks as though she has had a baby! Great genes run in the family, since their little one, Alex, was such a doll and a delight for the camera! He's already a real flirt, so watch out ladies!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Expecting! | Diana & Drey

Diana and I go way back to the early New York days. At the time, we were young grad students, from California and blessed with a wide variety of dancing shoes, more time than you can dream of and a whole lot of energy. Oh, the good ‘ole days!
Like many of our other sisters who have moved away, ventured into married life and entered parenthood {not in that particular order}, Diana and Drey are now expecting a little bundle of joy later this spring. Aren’t the lovebirds glowing in anticipation?! 
Congrats Diana & Drey on the arrival of little boy Campos! We can’t wait to meet him and begin his photographic odyssey.